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Leaving the Comfort Cafe

Leaving the Comfort Cafe - Dawn DeAnna Wilson Sweet book.
A coming-of-age tale times two.

The main characters, really, were not so likeable, not necessarily people you would seek to be friends with. One was too needy and one was just too not interesting.

But they grew in the story, you learned of them in the story, and in the end, you could see yourself sitting down with them for a meal or two and thoroughly enjoying their company.

It was beautifully written in spots, evocative of places and feelings. But there were just some issues I had with understanding some things that were going on.

The story starts and focuses on Austin. His relationship with a woman named Kerry comes to the fore. Well, I thought his relationship with Kerry was a romantic situation, boyfriend-girlfriend going their separate ways on divergent career paths. Austin is quite hurt that Kerry did not ask him to go to NYC with her to realize her dreams. Then later in the story is becomes obvious that they were just friends, former neighbors. So why would Kerry ask someone from down the hall to move with her, to uproot their life.

There are other similar issues throughout the book where I made assumptions based on the "facts" given and then I found out my "facts" were nothing at all. Yeah, that was on me, but it seemed almost too disingenuous at times.

And there were editing/content issues. I would just like to say that for now and ever more the words are "all right." There is not a word "alright." It is not like "all together" and "altogether." It is two words, always two words. Yeah, I know, pet peeves will kill us all. And then "it's" is a contraction of "it is." It is not a possessive. All it the curse of the apostrophe that can also show possessive, but, again, "its" is now and forever more possessive.