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Like You Read About

Like You Read About - Mela Remington So I enjoyed this book. I cared about the characters. I cared what happened to the story. I cared. Period. And that is what made me keep reading, because, oh my goodness, sometimes I wanted to just walk away.

While this is a "sweet" book, it is not a "clean" book. There is graphic language and graphic sex. While that does not impact my enjoyment of a book, it does impact the enjoyment of others so I like to put that out there.

It is not your typical "girl lusts after boy, boy gets a clue, boy decides to investigate, boy likes what he finds out, boy falls madly in love, boy or girl has big MIS, boy/girl overcome the big MIS and true love prevails."

There is no big MIS. I love a story without that artificial big misunderstanding. There are issues, yes, that could become the big MIS; but as rational, older young adults (does that make sense), they make it work and deal with it. This is a story about two people who care for each other, lust for each other, and act in mature, responsible ways. (Yeah, I did have issues with the workplace romance aspect. She is responsible for handing out money, and she dished it out to his department in a big way at the very beginning of the story.)

I liked that her weight issues were a rational part of the book. This almost seemed like a paean to Weight Watchers at times. She lived the lifestyle, not the diet. It was refreshing to see this book didn't become all about the weight.

Why the two stars? Because this is a book I paid money for. If I pay money for a book, I want some professionalism. This felt like I was reading a first or second rough of a talented author.

Run-on sentences were rife. There would be three and four sentences within the area between the previous and next periods. This was not once or twice but throughout. The further you got in the book, the worse it got. At times it was dizzying.

There were wrong words, missing words, repeated words. There were tenses changing back and forth three and four times in sentences. We are in the present, then we are in the past and, dang, here we are in the present again. They mentioned a blackberry and a Blackberry, but never a BlackBerry.
There was "unrequired lusting." There was at least one "alright."

I also really didn't understand the need to have the book happen in 2008/2009 (Amazon says the book was published in 2013, but it may have been written in the 2008-2009 time range). It is not so long ago that the time becomes a "character" in the story, but it was just long enough for me to feel compelled to fact check song dates and gay marriage legalization dates and such. The constant reference to the year in the e-mails took me out of the story almost as much as the punctuation and grammar errors.

While my kids assure me no one else cares, to me the errors cited above do significantly impact my enjoyment of my reading material. It was only because I cared about the crafted story that I continued to read the book, so kudos to Ms. Remington for that.