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Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox I usually love Ms. Knox's work.
This one, I was barely mildly fond of. But Ms. Knox still writes well enough that even if the book doesn't work for me, it is still a gem.

I liked all the others in this series. Maybe having just come off the high of Making It Last, this one just kind of felt too flat, too long, too emo.

I understand that a stuttering hero with a conflicted past, a heroine with abandonment issues, a secondary character with sexuality issues and perceived death threats is going to be chock full of emotional issues, self-talk, highs and lows and conflicting/ever-changing reactions and responses to what seems to be the same basic situation; but it just seemed to go on forever.

"It's Complicated" could be the subtitle of this book, and that is good and bad. There were basic premise issues that I had a hard time dealing with. Not to give spoilers, but I can't believe that a businessman would make the decisions that our hero did about his major security software company. Then in the ending, we are left with no answer as to what he did, or allowed to be done, with said company. I would have liked a logical ending to that arc.
Then with the secondary characters sexuality issues (and that is not really the right phrase, he knows what he is but he doesn't share that knowledge with the world) just seems to have had his issues cleared up with a single mea culpa.

I don't know, but my willing suspension of disbelief was just nonexistent with this book from the very beginning. It kept me from getting into the story much at all. When I take time to choreograph in my mind the seemingly impossible physical contortions this couple seemed to go through on a number of occasions, I know that I am just reading it to finish it. And when I got to the end of this one, I felt Ms. Knox was also just finishing it at a certain arbitrary point. I felt that it was rushed and not very satisfying. Yeah, there was an epilogue but the epilogue, too, felt like a mere ticking off of "this issue is dealt with, as is this one and this one; the end."

But it is well written, well edited. Ms. Knox can write the heck out of a scene and make me want to immerse myself in the world of her characters. Her narratives are some of the best I have ever experienced, and yeah, I feel as if I experience them.
I will continue to buy everything she writes and put it at the top of my TBR pile.

One quibble that doesn't have anything to do with the book, if reading it in e-form, keep in mind for all the Loveswept books, the last 10 percent ain't part of the book. Sometimes that just gripes me, especially if I feel an ending is rushed, which I did feel this ending was.

Okay. Off to reread Ride with Me by Ms. Knox, a truly fun and fabulous read that I recommend without reservation.