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Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1)

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City, #1) - Penny Reid Oh, my. Have you ever started a book and then wanted to just stop reading it, not because it was so horrible but because you knew, you just knew this would be "one of those" books where if you could, you would just eat it whole because you knew it would be so darn yummy?

Oh, if I could have immersed myself in this book, just savored it. But no, no, darn my total and complete lack of self-control with all things yummy.

Took youngest to a three-week program at a college six-plus hours away. DH being a control freak like that, drives the whole way.

I start this luscious book and just commence to enjoy, literally cackling aloud. Being married to me for a long time, the chauffeur/husband doesn't even ask anymore. He just drives Ms. Ellen.

Anyway, yeah, it is a romance. It definitely falls in that category, but it falls into so many more categories that can't be so easily defined.

We have Janie, a loveable, smart, self-aware but not totally, young woman who is basically letting life happen to her while she reads and amasses knowledge, and then indulges in TMTI (too much trivial information) when times get tough. And times are currently very tough. Lost her boyfriend (well, not so much lost as just kind of pushed him out of the "boyfriend" category upon learning of his infidelity), therefore losing her apartment. Then, what a coincidence, she loses her job former boyfriend's father procured for her.

But all is not horrible. She was handled kindly by the security officer who was assigned to see her from the building, her BFF has graciously agreed to take her in and she has a wonderful support group of friends in her knitting club (which apparently you don't have o be a knitter to join).

This story is all about how Janie got Janie back, not a Janie back, but how Janie got her own agency through learning to feel and risk and love.

The dialog, internal and external, is interesting, informative (TMTI, remember), and oh, so very funny*. Through this dialog we learn how Janie became Janie. We learn that Janie thinks she is really not very attractive (but in the way of a lot of "romance" books, the world around our young heroine lets us know that, yeah, she is quite attractive), that she keeps herself from "feeling" and we learn why this is her preferred method of living.

Janie and her new love (lust) interest are both unique and interesting. I don't want to give too many details on either, really, because I had little knowledge of either (downloaded book ages ago, just reading and deleting a bunch of freebies/cheapies without looking at what the book is about) and I think I enjoyed it all the more for a lack of preconceived notions of the way the story should/is going.

All I can say is I do wish I had waited a bit longer to read this because there is no second in the series yet and I want the second one NOW.

*Oh, just as an aside, when I say "funny," that is not code for bathroom humor, dirty word humor, sophomoric prank humor. It just means funny.

Oh, and it is four stars instead of five because there are a number of misspellings, just plain wrong word choices (I got a whiff of thesaurus more than a time or two), punctuation errors and grammar issues. I am a bit hardnosed on such things and I am assured by the rest of the world (okay, my family) that not everyone cares about that as much as I do