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Quick Study

Quick Study - Gretchen Galway Blech.

Read this right after I read and LOVED and five starred another of Ms. Galway's books. It was to be the start of an obsessive Galway glom through a two-week vacation. So looking forward to it.

Glom stopped in its tracks.

From the premise to the characters to the actions of the characters throughout it was just upsetting and puzzling.

The female protag is a grad student conducting a study. In this study she feels it is responsible behavior to engage in sex with the study's subjects. But wait, she isn't going to tell them they are part of the study. Or wait, maybe the plan was to tell them they were in a study, but with her first and only study "partner" she gets personally involved and just can't bring herself to break the mood by having him sign the consent form.

So she has wild passionate sex with this guy on an exercise bench. Can you say cooties? I don't care if it is in his home and it is his personal bench, seems like a great place to pick up some germs.

Then she has a conference with her advisor. Ummm, Professor Alice? Please tell me a gender studies professor doesn't use her first name with "professor" appended. So I am sitting back, waiting to hear this grad student blasted from the program for unethical, unprofessional, unusable behavior. Nope, what we get is a light remonstration, a bit of tsking, oblique references to dead parents and painting.

Again, I kept plowing through. But after an unfortunate encounter in a Starbucks parking lot (where she uses her self-defense prowess to save herself from a study subject), I just couldn't take it anymore. 60%, I am out.

I would delete from my account, but I can see myself mistakenly downloading it again. I don't want to bring back the memories.

Will I continue to read Ms. Galway? Definitely. Will I download samples before I one click? Definitely.