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This Time Next Door

This Time Next Door - Gretchen Galway Ya know, I really love it when I get surprised by a book.

I am going through books on my Kindle that I have just downloaded over the years because they were FREE or CHEAP. I have deleted a number of them just a couple of pages in. And since that is really why I am going through them, dumping the trash, I have actually enjoyed doing it.

But this book, I started reading right before bed one night, thinking I could quickly delete and go to sleep. Big mistake.

What a lovely surprise. A big woman with confidence and no problem getting dates. Well, maybe not as confident as she makes herself out to be in public, but still, not the stay-at-home-and-eat-more-cookies-until-Prince-Charming-happens-to-knock-on-my-door-to-borrow-sugar-and-intuits-how-fabulous-I-am type.

And how great is it to read a book where the female protag's legs don't go all the way to heaven, her waist is wasp thin, and, oh, gosh, she is just a darn good person. She wears thigh high boots, dresses to emphasize her boobage, and gosh, she really is a darn good person and doesn't have to be a size 2 to have a man who adores her.

Nope. This a good book with mature people and interesting situations. Okay, so the male protag is a reclusive, rich, computer geek who is a good person, has a great body and loves to pleasure a woman. While not totally believable, it is definitely a fantasy I can enjoy without too much guilt.

Well written, well edited. A couple of typos or just plain wrong words, but just delightful. Really, really delightful. Trying to hold off from doing a glom because those never end well, but my goodness, I am fighting the need to one click my little heart out.

The story has depth, humor, and humanity. There is some hot sex, but you have to wait for it. There are real world concerns and real world situations (excluding that whole secret millionaire situation) that are dealt with in believable, interesting language.

It is weird, but I found this book to be evocative of Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, two of my all-time-favorite books.