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Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage - Janice Kay Johnson Meh.

I have been on a bit of a Janice Kay Johnson glom. Usually a glom ends when I can say exactly what the next thing to happen will be because most writers do the same schtick, different character names.

That was not the case here. Ms. Johnson has given me a lot of variety in the few books I have read of hers.
But this one, I just didn't like the female protag. She seemed mopey and too introspective, never able to figure out what it was she wanted/needed, other than not what the male protag was giving her apparently. She was very, very sweet, very, very pretty with very, very long legs. And twins. And lots of animals.

For the most part it was an enjoyable read. This is one of the three novels that Ms. Johnson regained her rights to and had put in e-format. It was fine, I don't resent the time I spent reading it, but I did most skim the last 25 percent.