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All Through The House

All Through The House - Janice Kay Johnson 3.5 stars.

This was originally published in 1992. I don't know if the author had the rights reverted or if the publisher is rereleasing her oldies.

This book definitely has a genre feel to it, and that is what it was originally.

It is well written, with likeable characters and fairly believable situations.

Our heroine is a single mother real estate broker with a new real estate firm (for those that don't like plot moppets, the little girl in this book is not too, too precocious or too, too cute. The mom does have one too-mature-for-a-five-year-old conversation, but just one).

Our hero is a renter in her latest, biggest and best property. He has reasons of his own for keeping the house from being sold, and he take steps to make sure it doesn't sell.
She, of course, sees through his machinations and calls him on it. He just happens to be an architect so they do have that in common, and their overlapping careers do play a part in the ultimate outcome.

A relationship develops. It is a sweet, sexy relationship. The I-will-make-this-house-unattractive-so-you-can't-sell-it issue kind of fades in the background, basically a common joke between them. The house does continue to play a role, it is just not a point of contention between them.

They each have angst and histories that color how they interact. And yeah, there is angst; and yeah, they contradict themselves and their thoughts not a few times.

Again, 1992 genre book, there is going to be a big MIS/perception problem, there is going to be a big OMG, have I lost it all with my bullheadedness/stubbornness/inability to see the picture-ness.

For the most part, it is a well-written, well-edited book. There is a consistent misspelling of MacDonald's (as in the well-known, easily researched even at that time, mega burger chain) and a couple of wrong words. There was a time or two if felt like a thesaurus had been utilized with a word just not quite fitting the situation.

According to the preface of this e-book, there are three of these older books being rereleased. I will probably pick up the other two. This is the second of Ms. Johnson's books I have read. The first was Snowbound. That, too, is a great little read. I did like it a bit more than this one.