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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Desk Jockey Jam - Ainslie Paton What can I say. Major fan.

Her work would be perfect if only she had a proofer/beta/editor.

She takes us so many different places. We get to watch dancers at work, event planners, rock stars, roller derby babes. Just plain fun.

Her stories have depth. You see the characters evolve, grow. Yeah, there can be instalust, but you see the love grow and flourish; you see and appreciate the grand gesture. And the grand gestures, well, they are certainly expensive and, yeah, grand.

This is the story of Ant, a fairly unlikeable character in Grease Monkey Jive. She doesn't have him be a misunderstood schmo. She shows his maturation, his thought patterns; she shows him find his way. It appears very organic.

But I will say, the HFN/HEA seemed rushed. It was great, believable. It was progressing quickly, logically. Then BAM, all previous doubts, questions, assumptions, gone. That was in about the last 10%. Loved it till then.

Editing issues, spelling issues, punctuation issues abound. Okay, maybe not abound. But there would be question marks instead of periods, no commas, no periods at all. A couple of errors did take me out of the story, but I got back in.