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Crazy Little Thing

Crazy Little Thing - Tracy Brogan Loved this. It was witty, charming and so very well written and edited.

Ms. Brogan has a way with dialogue. Books in first person usually irritate me at least a bit. Not this one. It worked. Sadie, our female protag, had a sense of humor, a self-deprecating style and quite a way of expressing herself.

There is no real grand romance, but there is a lot of fun interaction between Sadie and her man of the book Des.

Yes, there is a gay cousin and a wacky aunt. But there were no derogatory OTT stereotypes. Just lots of family love and respect.

Has a definite chick lit vibe, and I don't say that in a negative way. The romance is not the be all and all.

Just fun. Will definitely look for more of Ms. Brogan's contemporaries. I do have one of her historicals on my Kindle, but I am hesitant to read it because her contemporary voice is so strong and fun. I just don't know how that will work with her historicals.

ETA: I keep going back and forth with the stars rating. I think I have finally decided on the 4. I did have an issue with how quickly the HEA happens after a big MIS. The ex was just too much of a bad guy. The mother was also too stereotypical.

But these are issues I only had in retrospect. While I was reading it, I just wanted to eat it up.