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Hiding Hollywood - Ainslie Paton This was my third Paton in a relatively short time. It reminds me why I shouldn't glom.

As always, unique characters/situations/locales. There are no doctors, lawyers, "project managers" in Ms. Paton's worlds.

The descriptors, as always, are evocative of place and state of mind. Well, okay. One descriptor was a bit revolting. A certain something was described as the "shape of nausea." I still have no idea what that means.

Again, editing issues, punctuation issues were ever present. For some reason declarative statements ended in a question mark many times. Of course, sometimes the interrogative declarative sentenced (oxymoron, no?) was preceded or followed by an actual interrogative and guess what???? You got it, a period was used as ending punctuation.

Okay. That's the general Paton feel.

I do enjoy Paton's books. I do, I do, I do. But this one, some of the situations were just OTT. No spoilers but...there was a situation where a building burned, burned almost to the ground. Because of this fire, certain situations were allowed to happen in the book, very much a plot device. But how this situation was handled, umm, no. There is no realistic way any of the subsequent situations could have happened. I had a really hard time reading the book while simultaneously rolling my eyes.
And then, there was a big MIS. But wait, was it really that big? Apparently not. There was a big big MIS buildup, our heroine seemed to think it was a big deal, but then, no not really. Again, I was left a bit confused at actions and reactions.

So why three stars with all these issues? I just love her writing. She makes me want to glom against my better judgment. She makes me want to turn the page, even while rolling my eyes, I do it quickly so I can get right back to it.