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Christmas Without Holly

Christmas Without Holly - Nicola Yeager Amazon freebie. It is now $2.99. I liked it for free; I would not have liked it for $2.99. But then again I would never pay $2.99 for what is essentially a short story.

It is competently written with some misspellings, typos, wrong word choices. Not egregious, but present.

Our heroine Holly takes herself to a posh spa to prep herself for Christmas with the future in-laws.

In a vague, nonspoilerish fashion Holly (yeah, there are Christmas/Holly jokes) begins to re-evaluate her relationship with her long-distance fiancé. There are characters and circumstances introduced to move the story along.

The spa is a rather unique setting that allows for interactions with strangers and opportunities for reflections on her life situation.

Very quick read. It has humor, some little twists, and a rather unsatisfactory ending.

All in all, a good little read for free.