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Planning for Love (Aisle Bound, #1)

Planning for Love (Aisle Bound, #1) - Christi Barth Meh. I listened to the Audible version. The narrator was fine, but she couldn't save this book for me.

I listened to the first portion of the book. When it switched to the second portion, I just decided I didn't care to hear anymore.

The writing was fine. The story had a nice twist, but I really didn't care about the characters. The female protag was nice, but marriage obsessed. She seemed to be portrayed as bright, but her whole "getting married" focus was bordering on annoying. Coupled with his "I am a love them and leave them" dude, it was just too annoying.

I gave it 2 stars because I reserve my 1 star ratings for the unproofed/unedited crap that seems more and more pervasive.

I may give this another try some day, but I doubt it.