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Virgin River (Virgin River, #1)

Virgin River (Virgin River, #1) - Robyn Carr,  Therese Plummer I am late to the Virgin River series. I have been aware of its existence for years but never took the plunge.

It is a sweet story, well written but nothing new.

Maybe if I had read it when it first came out it would have been fresh, but reading it in 2013 it has a feel of same old same old.

The heroine is cute and spunky with a tragic past who makes a bold move to change her life. The hero is devastatingly good looking, brawny and a wonderful guy, adored even by his younger sisters. Never has he felt the need to settle down, until, of course, he lays eyes on our spunky --and apparently gorgeous -- heroine.

Had I been reading this, I probably would have put it down, never to pick it up again. I did listen to it, though, and the narrator kept me in the story (that and the fact I was doing heavy-duty cleaning and was using it to stave off boredom).
Therese Plummer is a new-to-me narrator who did a beautiful job. I do see myself getting other books in this series if she narrates.