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To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch 0.5)

To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch 0.5) - Debora Geary This is the third Debora Geary book I have read/had read to me in the last four days. Sweet, sweet books in which to immerse yourself on a long reading weekend.

I listened to A Modern Witch and A Hidden Witch and then borrowed this book through Prime Lending.

This book, though published after A Modern Witch and A Hidden Witch, is a prequel, the story of Nell and Daniel and how they got together. Nell and Daniel's family is the centerpiece of the Witch Central books.

A very sweet, PG-rated story. No sex at all, just a couple of instances of graphic language.

A recurring component in the Witch Central stories is an on-line game called the Enchanter's Realm. Witches and nonwitches alike can play the game, but it takes witchcraft to get to the top level of the Realm, and Daniel found his way there but he is not a witch. This led to some minor misunderstandings, but all in all this is a straightforward love story.

There is no big MIS, no long feuds, not to'ing and fro'ing between wooers. There is some conflict arising from neither party having the full facts, but all in all it is just a love story accompolished in 11 days.

I enjoy Ms. Geary's community setups for her books. The characters have friends, good friends; the characters have families and jobs and lives that are complete before there is "true love." Nice communities, nice characters, nice books.

There were a few misspellings, but generally speaking this was a well written, well edited book.