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A Modern Witch (A Modern Witch, #1)

A Modern Witch - Debora Geary I am really not sure why these were in my library. Must have been a sale or something. But I am so glad I bought them and then listened to them.

Reality? Umm, no. It is about a modern witch. Our girl Lauren has no idea she is a witch until she is "found" by other witches one day while doing 'net grocery shopping.

Lucky for Lauren she is "found" by delightful, ethical witches who want nothing but the best for her.

A Modern Witch takes you through, in a mostly PG-13 way, the way this young woman (and her BFF) deal with her being a witch and all the changes that brings to both their lives.

Sweet book, well performed by Ms. Pardee. I was not familiar with Ms. Pardee but after hearing the first two books in this series, I will be on the lookout for her. She played many roles well. She was able to convey a sense of excitement and wonder many times, making each time special.

If you don't like kids/toddlers in your books, this is not the series for you. Kids are front and center and seemingly omnipresent.

But I loved it. Sometimes the story was just a bit too perfect, or too perfect for the people in it. People went with the flow just a bit much. I would have enjoyed a conflict at some point. No conflict here at all. Just a telling of nice people with nice lives and a bit of magic.