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Blind Date Teddy Bear (Her Teddy Bear, #1)

Blind Date Teddy Bear (Her Teddy Bear, #1) - Mimi Strong It is what it is, an erotic short.
From my experience with erotic shorts, this was well written, well edited, well done. I like the author's voice and will seek out her nonerotic works, Or at least check her backlist.

The female protag was annoyingly young in attitude. She is a college graduate who still lives with mom and dad and works a job that is amazingly flexible with things like a morning off to get your hair done.

She has all sorts of internal monologue about the way she should be conducting her life and then promptly forgets what she should do when presented with what she wants to do, as we all do, I guess. She read very immature and a little annoying.

The male protag seems like a nice mature guy who is willing to be himself and engage in whatever activity the female wants to do with him. He does rather rudely shut down their first date conversation at one point telling the female protag that her question (seemingly innocuous) about his marriage was not first date conversation. But 15 minutes later a blow job in the front seat of his truck is perfect first date entertainment. Yeah, I get it, erotic short, such behavior is fully acceptable and encouraged.

I got this as an Amazon Prime loan. I doubt I will read the other two in the grouping. I had enough of those "I need to be a better person" internal dialogues with myself back in the day that I don't want to go there again.
Would I have bought it had it not be lendable, probably not. Strongly dislike and want to discourage serials. I think it is a cute way to unnecessarily inflate prices. If you buy all three it is $3 for less than 150 pages, less than 1.5 hours reading. If this sort of thing doesn't bother you, go for it. It is certainly entertaining and fun.

ETA: my apologies. Volumes 2 and 3 are $2.99 each. $7 for 150 pages or so, not in my book budget. And looking at the backlist, same issue all the way. I wish Ms. Strong luck with that pricing strategy.