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The Girl With the Cat Tattoo (Cool Cat Trilogy, #1)

The Girl With the Cat Tattoo (Cool Cat Trilogy, #1) - Theresa Weir I could have sworn I wrote a review on this at some point, but looking back I guess I just told people about it.

Anything I can say about this book would seem to be damning it with faint praise and cliched terms but here goes.

I loved this little book. It is told from the POV of the cat, Max.

Max sees all and knows less than he thinks he does, but is still a great cat (says the not-a-cat-lover). I hesitated to press "buy" because I just didn't know if I could get over my cat issues.

Well, I am glad I did press "buy."

It is a relatively short story and the relationship between the H/h develops very quickly as a result. That would be the one flaw I see in the book; I just wanted MORE.

It has mystery and romance and some really great writing. What more could you ask for.