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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1)

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec I read 28% of this book. I really wanted to get to 33% before I stopped just to see if I could find something to hold onto. Couldn't do it.

Interesting premise. Nice setup. I liked the sample. But that was the best part.

I know I am "old." I know I am not any demographic this book is going for other than the "willing to pay $2.99" demographic.

If this book came with a drinking game suggestion, like do a shot for every time some form of "fuck" appears on a page, I guarantee no liver could even do the 28% I got through. If you did a fitness game every time someone did a shot in the book you would be up to 72 situps and 43 chinups and 300 kettlebell swings before you completed the 28% I did. Yeah, I get it. They are young, they are cool, they are hip; and all those attributes are further emphasized by all these words/actions that in excess don't help the story.

Yes, it had funny lines. In fact, it seemed to be written to showcase those funny lines. Plot? Doesn't matter, we have this funny line to insert here. Continuity? Sure, but not now, we have this funny line. Oh, wait, didn't we use this funny line here already? Well, we did, but it is funny enough to use again.

Punctuation is either nonexistent or too totally and incorrectly present. Spelling is bad. I don't mind if you misspell a word, but don't spell it wrong and then four words later spell it right (whiney and whiny is the example that made me shut it down).

I get cracktastic books. I even have my own cracktastic authors for which I suspend my "rules." This book just never triggered that willing suspension.

(And the plot moppet, well, he broke my heart.)