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Lumberjack In Love

Lumberjack In Love - Penny Watson Well, I wrote a review of this yesterday, and now I don't see it.

Hmmm. Review gremlins.

Bottom line, I enjoyed the book. It was fun. It started off "too cute" but less than a third of the way in it seemed to even out. True emotions were expressed, there was a natural (albeit super speeded up) relationship arc.

Ms. Watson has a nice voice. Her characters are likeable. I read Sweet Inspirations a while back. This seemed more polished, more edited, tighter somehow, in a good way.

Now, I gave it four stars, but I really REALLY don't like unprotected sex in romantic novellas/novels. A quick "I'm clean; are you clean?" in the throes of passion just doesn't cut it for me.
Yeah, these are adult books and yeah, adults should know better.
But we all know as 14-year-olds (even younger) we were probably sneaking these books that we are reading now. I am not saying devote a whole chapter to safe sex, but for goodness sake, you can make a condom scene sexy and informative and then everybody wins. And pill or no, pregnancy is honestly the least of the possible repercussions.