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Mistletoe & Margaritas

Mistletoe & Margaritas - Shannon Stacey I really enjoy Shannon Stacey's writing.
In general, the emotions seem real, the situations are believable and there is thought put into each word, or so it seems.

Novellas are not usually my thing, but Ms. Stacey can a novella like nobody's business. There is not a lot of show and tell. The stories evolve organically.

In particular in this book, all the above apply. It could have been a book a "oh, no, I love my BFF's wife; gloom and despair befalls me," for 180 plus pages. But no, that is not the way it is handled. The guilt of falling in love with the best friend of a lost spouse or the best friend's love for the widow is handled with care and compassion and realism.

Yeah, I know, generic, blathering review. But "it was good and I enjoyed it but I knew I would before I even started it" doesn't take up very much space.