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Snowbound with a Stranger (The Recovery Trilogy, #1)

Snowbound with a Stranger (The Recovery Trilogy, #1) - Rebecca Rogers Maher You know, I really liked this. It is short, hot and succinct. But I realllllllllyyyyy got tired of the word "cock."

I am not asking for euphemisms or coyness, but geez, it seemed like in the sex scene after they had their "emotional come to Jesus meeting" it was every other word, so much so it took me out of the story.

Then there was the "emotional come to Jesus meeting," it didn't really play out in a way that made much sense.


There is a whole scene spurred by the fact that he took some batteries out of a walky-talky and didn't tell her about the fact he had a radio. Then all of a sudden, he is talking about this dead wife. I have no idea how those two issues were related.

But I did enjoy it.