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Sweet Inspiration (Klaus Brothers, #1)

Sweet Inspiration (Klaus Brothers, #1) - Penny Watson Sweet Inspiration is a fun little book. It took just a couple of hours to read. I usually like my books longer, but I think this was the right length for this story. Other reviewers have done an excellent job of synopsizing the story so I won't repeat it.

I don't usually read paranormal or fantasy, but this book seemed to do a nice job of world building. Granted, the world building was the North Pole and I would venture to guess most who celebrate Christmas have done their own world building.

Lucy seemed a bit too sweet and naive and Nicholas was a bit too alpha-brought-to-his-knees-by-love, but all in all it was worth the time and the money.

I got this on a Fictionwise sale and I could only find one other in the series. If the series were completed, would probably get them all. But just one more wouldn't be satisfying.