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Honor Guards (Honor, #4)

Honor Guards (Honor, #4) - Radclyffe This is the first I have read in this series so maybe that is why it seemed thin on plot. Again, just reading this one book, I felt like it's more of an installment, little to no setup and then it just...ends. I know there are installments that came before and others to follow but there isn't a cliffhanger, just an end, with no sewing up of outstanding questions, but also no gotcha to hook you for the next installment.
I found the political/terror situations to be somewhat convoluted. I found the premise that the POTUS had a daughter who was openly sleeping with the commander of her security detail -- no matter their sexual orientation -- to be a bit disrespectful to those that hold such positions in the real world. I also found the President's daughter's habit of introducing the head of her security team and lover as just that to be stilted and just awkward. It would take me out of the story. It also seemed to portray the security team to be a kind of eHarmony for the commando set, no matter your sexual orientation. If the coworkers weren't sleeping together, they wished they were or they had been or they almost did.

While all works of fiction need a willing suspension of disbelief to a certain extent, I found myself shaking my head at a lot of the situations that were presented.

It was well written technically, I thought, just not all that interesting and more than a little unbelievable.