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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Skin Deep - Pamela Clare, Kaleo Griffith I listened to the Audible version. First book for this author and this narrator form.
That means I wasn't really familiar with the background. I don't know that that hindered the story for me.

I know this was to be an angsty story, the setup, the background given, all lead to angst. But the narrator, gee, he just seemed too, too angst ridden. I just generally did not like his performance. His child voice made me want to disconnect my auditory nerve. It was just horrible. And yeah, "she" didn't have many lines, but what "she" did have would take me totally out of a story I wasn't really into in the first place.

Yes, long series and I should start at the beginning. But seeing a Kindle/Audible special made me decide to jump in and see if I liked it enough to start at the beginning. Based on this, I would have to say no, I won't be investing.

The writing was fine, competent from what I could tell, just not for me. I like a lot less angst and narrators who can voice the characters in the story in a semi-realistic way.

I know that the narrator is a favorite of many. Based on this narration, though, I will be very careful about buying any more of his performances.
I will say I enjoyed the bonus story a lot more than the main story. The only reason I even listened to it was because I was driving and disconnecting was more of an issue than letting it run.