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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Making It Last - Ruthie Knox This is a book so tightly written, so well done, I don't want to give too many hints or spoilers. It is a short book but it is a full book. You aren't left wondering, you know how it is all going to end. Just a delight. So I won't give a synopsis of the book. You can find plenty of those reviews. This is so much a feelings review it may not be any help to anyone, but I feel the need to write it.

Many times I will lay a book down, finished with it, satisfied in almost that just-enough-but-not-too-much way. But this book, man, this book made me feel replete in so many ways on so many levels

It was such a tasty morsel, so satisfying, so fulfilling, so completing yet not too much of a good thing.

This book should be required reading for every couple who hits ten years together. This book will give you courage.

It is astounding how you can be married to a person yet be afraid to "go there" on certain topics. You don't want to hurt feelings, you don't want to lay a foundation for guilt so you just keep it to yourself, hurt your own feelings, give yourself guilt for so many useless reasons.

In this book, Ms. Knox takes you through how to have "the talk," how to think outside the box.

It could be my personal situation (isn't it always, though, with any book, any time, any topic) that made me read this book in a certain light. Long married, not going anywhere, but still sometimes long to just change things up a bit. I don't want to destroy, but gosh, wouldn't it be good to tweak a bit.

Ms. Knox is so evocative of place, whether physical or emotional, you feel as if you are there with the characters, feeling what they are feeling, trying not to feel what they don't want to feel. Her writing is so good you want to just immerse yourself in it. And immerse I did.

So go forward. Buy this book. Read this book. Share it with a significant other, if you dare.