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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
The Mad Earl's Bride - Loretta Chase Charming, just charming.

Sweet story. Interesting plot. Well executed.

The story revolves around a man who has a family history, he believes, of madness. He experiences severe headaches, sees flashes of light, feels as if he sees specters.

When he suddenly finds himself to be an earl through a macabre yet humorous (well, I thought it was funny) happenstance, his begetting of an heir becomes very important.

Enter a young miss with a love of medicine and a capacity to see the whole picture.

What ensues is, well, charming, sweet, and interesting.

Well written, just long enough yet not too long. Yeah, there is some dissonance with a couple of issues, but all in all, it works.