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Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox Okay. Rarely do I read a book with a heroine named "Ellen." I don't understand that. It is a lovely name, not too common, not too weird. It is just right ;-).

Anyway, I will readily admit the "hero" was my favorite of the two main characters. He seemed sensible, sweet, very empathetic and understanding.

My girl Ellen, on the other hand, well, let's just say I am impressed with how patient Caleb (the hero) was. I don't know that I would have been quite that open to negotiation (although their negotiations were quite fun).

Caleb's security company is given the task of providing personal protection to Jamie the rock star's twin sister (Ellen) and her next-door-neighbor, who just happens to be said rock star's ex, who just happens to be pregnant with a sperm-donor baby. Yeah. Seemed a bit much to me, too, but it is all woven in nicely to the plot.

Instead of being grateful for the "protection," the young women are quite put out with the disruption of their lives. I felt that both women were immature and petty and too tiresome for words over most of the security issues (but I will also say, I think the setup was a little too much as far as the security detail for the sister. Okay, the ex-GF, that's another story). The reasoning behind Ellen's behavior is explained in the book, but I still felt that as a mother/lawyer/reasonable adult, she should have been a bit more mature in her responses to the steps of personal protection, especially when she has a young child to protect.

Anyway, this book takes us through the exploration of the relationship possibilities of the bodyguard and the sister of the rock star. It is a very enjoyable read, almost sweet, with lots of hot loving (although some of the love scene descriptions made me dizzy with trying to figure out just how "that" was possible, or even if it was enjoyable once accomplished).

If you don't like plot moppets, well, you might have a couple of issues. Ellen's two-year-old son is large and in charge.

There is a subplot of the relationship between Jamie and the next-door-neighbor. I also found that that story had all sorts of "oh, really" moments for me. But I still enjoyed it. Willing suspension of disbelief and all that.

It is a fun, well-written book. There were a few typos in the Kindle version, some mysterious punctuation that seems to just appear. But it was well edited and just the right length.

Now, this is part of the Camelot series. I had read the prequel novella so I knew some of the family members, but it is not necessary to have read it to understand the story. It is just a nice little, oh, yeah, I remember them moment or two.