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Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Fan girl here.

There is nothing here I can say that won't be just gushing.

If you like Jeaniene Frost and if you like Tavia Gilbert, there is nothing about this book that will change that.

It is all about bad boy Vlad, and that is all good. There was not an HEA but the HFN seems to fit better with Vlad anyway.

Good stuff.

My Amazon review: If you are familiar with the Cat and Bones series, then you have met Vlad.

Vlad is true to his character in the other series. He doesn't become a romantic like Bones; he doesn't change his philosophy of survival. What you get is a protag who is strong in his views and follows through.

The heroine is just as strong as Cat, but in her own ways. A former gymnast who was electrocuted in her youth and survived, she now has powers that are useful to the undead world, making her a prime target for Vlad and his enemies.

I do have moments of thinking our female protag is a bit TSTL, but what the heck, you need some of those moments so you can berate her and feel superior.

It is well done. A great beginning to a new, yet not, series.

Ms. Frost does manage to keep it fresh.