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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Redwood Bend - Robyn Carr This is my second Virgin River book and my third Carr book.

I still don't "get it." I know she has a legion of rabid fans. This is book 18 in the VR series. Somebody is buying them (well, I got all my books secondhand, but somebody has to be buying it firsthand before I get it secondhand).

It was a fine book. The writing is excellent. The editing is good. The characters are likeable.

All in all, it is like a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup on a rainy day. It makes you feel good, it nourishes you in some vague way, but it is utterly forgettable.

And I guess that is why this was a three-star read for me. There was nothing objectionable about it. It wasn't totally believable, but then what book ever really is. There are child stars and heroes and bear maulings, oh, my. But man, it was just there. I kept reading it because, well, it was easy and close and I didn't feel like getting up to get my Kindle or running downstairs to my shelves to find something with more...well, just more.

I found myself wondering how the widow with twins could afford all she did, the big SUV, the gas for the big SUV, the rent on the cabin (complete with bears) in the woods, the summer camp fees. Then there is the "hero" who talks about money problems/issues/concerns with his business, yet here he is taking a month off to hang out with the widow woman. And well, let's just say it stretched my powers of suspension of disbelief in a number of ways.

But I am sure if you are a Virgin River fan, this book won't do anything to mess that up.