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Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard I listened to the Audible version of this book.

The narration was great. No issues with it at all. Voices well done, intonations spot on.

I apparently read this book a long time ago and had no memory of it, until I started listening. I remembered the "hook" almost immediately so I can't really speak to the mystery part of the story since I had previous knowledge.

I can say it is well written, well edited. The story, yeah, is a bit unbelieveable and the instalust a little much. But who cares. It is well crafted and, surprisingly, fun. It does get a bit heavy with the murders (no spoiler, it is on the back blurb), but the protags seem to bounce back well. I guess that is where the instalust helps out.

Like Ms. Howard's books of this time, there is humor aplenty, sparkling conversation and witty repartee. The male and female protags have equal power and intelligence. They have common interests and backgrounds. It is easy to see how the instalust turns to HEA.

Good stuff all around. I do wish Ms. Howard was still writing in this way. I haven't been a fan of her more recent ventures.