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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Open Season - Linda Howard I listened to the Audible edition.
I will just say straight out, I loved this book.

It had humor, it had likeable characters and villainous villains.

Did I mention there was humor?

The narrator did a great job. Lots of women's voices were needed and each was distinguishable. Intonations were spot on. The men's voices were not grating or silly sounding. The emotion was properly done; there was no overacting or over-reacting.

The story is simple; the execution, superb. Some people don't like the "ugly duckling" trope, but I like it. This on was quite well done. She is the one that initiates her change. She looks at her life, sees it is not going the way she wants it to and effects the changes that she thinks will get her to her desired end.

She initially has issues with the male protag. Needless to say, they work it out. There was a natural (if predictable) arc to their relationship. They tease each other, they have fun. He does not overpower her and she does not overpower him. They meld. They make a couple. The female protag is not TSTL and even chides him for thinking she would be TSTL in a certain situation.

Just fun and funny. Did I mention there was humor?