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Grease Monkey Jive - Ainslie Paton Why was I surprised? I don't really know. Maybe because I have never heard of the author. Maybe because I don't remember buying this which means it was either really cheap or free. Maybe because I don't think grease is romantic.

But let me tell you, this was a story that I immersed myself in. I carried my Kindle around sightseeing on spring break (I never take my Kindle out and about) just so I could READ every chance I got. Yes, I even sat in a museum and read a few pages instead of walking around looking at the art, really good art.

I know nothing of dancing or mechanicking, but the situations and set-ups seemed authentic.
Every time I went, oh, obvious plot device, I was shown, no, not so obvious and most believeable. Yes, they are both gorgeous; yes, he does happen to have money; yes, there was a convenient breakage of bone; but there were also back stories and most satisfying ways of incorporating those devices into the story.

I will say there were editing issues, more and more as the story progressed. Wrong words were used (even allowing for the Australian use of words), words were misspelled, and sentence construction at times would almost make you stand on your head. These problems would generally throw me out of a book. In this case, I just plowed on and only got mildly irritated with yet another "alright." In case you are wondering, everybody in the book is "alright." I know this because everybody in the book was asked if they were "alright" at least thirty-two times, at least it seemed like it.

The H/h were believable. Their life situations were believable. While there was insta-lust that was purposely and ruthlessly pushed down for a myriad of authentic reasons, once the H/h did get involved, they worked through that myriad of issues. You read the arc of the relationship. The insta-lust was fed with personal histories, life stories, interaction and it grew to a real love.

As we are dealing with a "romance," it was inevitable that a road block would go up, and it did. It was a large block, it was a realistic reaction to one of those obvious plot devices, but again, it "felt" real. I keep wanting to say "authentic," but it feels too redundant. But authentic it is, well, if you are a professionally trained ballroom dancer and a mechanic.