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An Offer You Can't Refuse - Jill Mansell I am a big Jill Mansell fan, but this one was just off to me.

Lola and Dougie are in "young love." Dougie's wealthy mom tries to buy Lola off. Lola steadfastly refuses...for about 12 hours.
She finds out the family needs money, she sacrifices her happily ever after and takes the money, buys the family out of the problem and moves abroad.

This is one of my least favorite tropes, so that was kind of an initial downer for me. I will say Ms. Mansell handled the setup very nicely and succinctly. There was not a lot of dragging on and woe is me-ing.

I did feel that there was not enough interaction between Lola and Dougie to make for a believable HEA (and yeah, he drops the "Dougie" and becomes "Doug"). And that was one of the problems I had with the book. Lola seemed to not mature in the intervening years between when she accepted the offer and when she got back in the same world as Doug. Even though she gets a grown-up job, she buys her own apartment and pays her own way in the world (with the help of a convenient "gift"), she still acts in a way that feels immature for supposedly mature woman of 27.

What I do love about the Mansell books was ever present. There are lots of strong secondary characters, just great people you get to know and like and wish you could hang out with.

Ms. Mansell seems to always have a "celebrity" in the mix and there were a couple of really interesting "celebrities." She always seems to have a little twist that makes it fun (it is of course totally ridiculous, but you would miss it if she didn't add them).

There is a twist on the baby daddy trope. This addition to the plot made for some nice scenes and interactions of all ages.

More chick lit than romance. The romance(s) in the books for the most part seemed to just formulaically happen by a certain time in the book. But again, that's part of what you love about these books.