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Stirring Up Trouble - Juli Alexander This was a great little YA. No sex scenes, no blood, no heavy-duty paranormal. A few spells here and there make a book fun, right? Well, in this case they do. Even an object lesson or two is given in how and why Zoe can cast spells. That was a fun little twist.

It was nice reading about a teenager who has close relationships with both parental units even though her father has left her mother.
Her parents had been split up for a while, but Zoe was still dealing with the aftereffects. She wasn't acting out, she wasn't dressing outlandishly to get male attention.

Part of the conflict of the book centers around Zoe's father dating the single mother of Zoe's own love interest. Zoe dealt with this in the way any teenager (or child of any age, even a 40-y-o) would with it, denial, manipulation to get it to stop and then a resignation to the situation with as little attitude as possible.

If you are still reading to your kids, this would be a great story for any age from 10 or so on up. There is some kissing between the teenageers and the parents (teenagers kissing teenagers; parents kissing parents, of course) and a few allusions to ick factors in the teenagers' minds about their parents, but they are really mild.