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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
A Fool's Gold Christmas (Fool's Gold, #9.5) - Susan Mallery Ya know, I may have reached my Fool's Gold saturation level.
I enjoyed this in that I finished it. I really liked Evie and Dante, but then I really liked all the Fool's Gold H/h.

But it seemed like I have read this story with these people in this town too many times.

There was a mother-daughter estrangement (been there, done that in Fool's Gold); there was a lot of elephant talk (been there, done that in Fool's Gold); there was "I don't want to love you because I have loved and lost before" (been there, done that in Fool's Gold); there was a fib to extricate from a situation of their own making (been there, done that in Fool's Gold); and then there was a very public proclamation of love for all eternity that Ms. Mallery even acknowledged in the narrative had been there, done that.

But the writing is crisp, the characters are lovely/loveable, and everything is controlled by the ever-omnipotent Mayor Marsha, who will now wear jeans apparently. In the next book if we can have her found in full dominatrix gear, we can do our own Fifty Shades of Gold.

I have said I won't read any more of these before; but I, of course, have been sucked in on the abundant sequel bait, waiting for Gideon's story which I feel will also be Patience's story. We shall see.
There are worse towns to hang out in, I guess. There is definitely tranquility in them thar hills.