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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Wish You Were Here - Lani Diane Rich What a fun book. I haven't read any of Ms. Rich before but I feel a glom coming on.

This is a light rom suspense. It has likeable characters, even a moppet that is not just a plot moppet. The 11-year-old girl acts/reacts as a child would in the situations she finds herself in (due to the actions of adults, not because she is just too too precious and finds herself in multiple cute situations). Her presence in the story adds depth and dimension.

These are "people" who would never meet each other if not for the subject of the "suspense." Their actions and interactions are believeable and fun.

The writing it polished and smooth. There are not plot holes that I could see, nothing just to move the story along. The arc is natural, not forced. While time in the story is not all that long, in their "lives" enough time has progressed that the HEA is not too, too soon. And yes, safe sex is practiced and referenced and it is done well and with humor so that makes it all the better in my eyes.