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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
The Lesson Plan - Jackie Barbosa First time reading Ms. Barbosa though I follow her on Twitter. I don't usually read erotic fiction (or erotic nonfiction for that matter, if such a creature exists) because the bit I have read was execrable. Seeing how witty and articulate Ms. Barbosa is on Twitter, seeing it for my favorite price of free I decided why not. I enjoyed it. It is sweet. Sex is front and center due to the length and really hot due to that whole erotic thing, but it was well written and physically possible, unlike the other erotic stories I have read.

It is ***short***. The posting on GR says 108 pages. As I read this during a wait for a mammogram of less than 20 minutes and then a rare early morning read of about 10 minutes, actual story is probably around 60 pages. The rest is personal info, book lists, excerpts from other writing. So don't be looking for more than there is.

Well written, just saw a couple of typos/misused words so I wasn't taken out the story nor did I feel compelled to roll my eyes at situations more than once or twice.
The whole premise of a young woman with this kind of freedom at that time and place in history with no repercussions in her life as a lady was kind of hard to believe, but exotic nonfiction it is not so, again, I wasn't taken out of the story.

**I keep saying it was free, but I honestly can't remember for sure. I may have seen it for 99 cents and grabbed it due to curiosity about well written erotic shorts.