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Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost This review won't be long. If you have read and enjoyed previous Jeaniene Frost books, I see no reason you won't like this one.

The heroine has a great, wry sense of humor. She is down to earth (well, as down to earth as you can expect a vampire to be) and practical. She is not TSTL (well, too stupid to stay undead) and she cuts through a lot of the crap and emotionalism.

The hero is the emo one, but that is understandable since he is 4,000 years old. Things must get wearing in that amount of time. I mean, geez, how many times can you fly down off a building and move people through the air with your mere thoughts without it wearing on you.

I listened to the audiobook and as always, Tavia Gilbert does a fabulous jobs. Between the characters in the current book and all the other of the series she has done, there must be 50 different voices she has to come up with. Granted, not all of those are in every book, but she does an excellent job of remembering/repeating the previous voices for previous characters.