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Earthly Delights - Kerry Greenwood I still don't know what I think of this story.

I read it all, relatively quickly.
With each press on the Kindle, I wondered why I was still reading it, but read it I did.

I think it was a romance. Well, "I love yous" were exchanged.

I think there was a mystery, people died and people almost died and people were arrested.

There were some vampires. They were fake, but they thought they were real.

There was some baking done. And recipes dutifully appended to the end.

These are all elements I usually enjoy, but...

I liked the characters. There was nothing to dislike about them. You saw the positive, not the negative. You saw what you were told, not what you could intuit. I guess this is a way of saying I saw no depth. I have no idea why the H would fall in love with the h, except of course for what he said, she looked hale and healthy and like she would age nicely as rounded as she was. Even the h is not sure why she fell in love with the H. I mean, as she said, she didn't know him.

The murders were solved, but they weren't so much murder as providing the weapon, heroin. Then there was an almost murder, but the murderer was found before the death occurred.

And then it ended and we were presented with recipes. Okay. Done. I guess everybody was just done.

So yeah, I liked it, I guess. I have never had to use the Kindle dictionary as much as I did in this one. I looked up words and gods and concepts and poets and constellation and Goth-isms.

Ms. Greenwood writes an intriguing story, but I wouldn't call it engrossing. Thought was provoked, but soon forgotten.

Yeah, I still don't know how I feel about this. I am not hitting "one click" on my Kindle so I guess that says a lot. I guess. Who knows. I never have written "I guess" so many times.

I guess, though, I am glad I read it. But I doubt I will read more.