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Always Another Book in the TBR

Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
The Sweetest Thing - Jill Shalvis I enjoyed this. Read it immediately after the first one. Has some fun quirks in it. I did feel it was a bit long. I kept wondering when it would be over. A lot of the action seemed to be a rehash of what had just happened. Tara, the heroine, seemed to resist, resist, resist, give in, rinse and repeat. I would think the "conflict" would be resolved and then it would pop up again.
Good way to spend T'giving and the day after.
On a side note, I downloaded the companion "cook book" offered as a free Kindle item and made the banana honey muffins. Yum. If you have a Kindle, you may want to look for it: Heating Up the Kitchen: Recipes with Love from Lucky Harbor.
There is a mix of good recipes with casserole recipes that you grew up with if you grew up in the South. I mean, tater tots and cream of mushroom soup are two of the food groups here in the South and casserole making is an art, not a science.