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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Smokin' Seventeen - Janet Evanovich, Lorelei King Stephanie, I beg of you, ask Janet to pick a man for you or to let you go. This whole Ranger/Joe situation is starting to get very uncomfortable. And if you want to kick it with Ranger, don't be blaming it on a curse from Joe's grandmother. And I am really starting to resent that you can eat 53 donuts a day and still fit into your tight jeans and t-shirts.

I keep reading these. I have read all 17 of them plus the Outside the Numbers versions. But I think, with this last installment, I will have the strength to just say no in the future. While reading this I kept wanting to go to the App store to see if there was now a Write a Plum Installment app. As I was reading it I was literally saying to myself, "Okay, insert a Grandma moment here," and sure enough, there was Grandma; or "We needed a wacky bond enforcement moment here," and sure enough, here comes a naked man or a giant of a man who happen to be bail skippers who need Stephanie to help them set a new court day. It almost felt like a Mad Libs for Stephanie Plum, fill in a blank for a funeral scene/a Ranger sighting/a Joe rumination on their relationship/a chocolate cake moment.

While Stephanie may not be able to make up her mind, I think mine is made up and it is time for me to break up with all of them.