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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell Let me just cut to the chase, I loved this book. The blurb left me feeling there could be a creepy stalker vibe; but Ms. Rowell painted a beautful picture of a young man maturing, a young woman maturing and a lovely female friendship.
Relationships between all the characters were well drawn and believable. While this novel is easily called a romance, there are many types of love and respect portrayed. Just a lovely surprise of a story.
The last few pages of this book were among the most romantic I have ever read, so worthy of the setup.
One of my favorite "characters" of the book was the time it was set in, very central to the story. 1999/2000 wasn't so long ago that none of us remember it, but it was just long enough to give the reader an historical perspective that the characters didn't have. Yes, they really do read your e-mails in certain companies. No, the world didn't end at midnight of January 1, 2000. It seemed like a secret that the readers were in on that the characters weren't that, again, added another fun layer to the overall vibe.
Did I mention I loved this book?