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Love to read, but I love to also just buy. Sometimes I think my hobby is buying more than reading.
Baby, Drive South - Stephanie Bond DNF for me. Didn't even get a third of the way in.

My willing suspension of disbelief ability just wasn't quite good enough. They advertise for women. They get women who all come together from one town in Michigan. One of those women happens to be a doctor that just happens to travel with portable x-ray machine/drugs and still have room for other women. Man falls out of water tower and only breaks a leg. Man given sufficient drugs to knock him out to set leg. But when he comes out from under it he has enough energy/competence to make a bet with his brothers, climb under a car to mess with a fuel pump because he just knows the doc will make a break for it, climb a flight of stairs, come back down the stairs, "help" stranded doctor who seems to have forgotten to pack aforementioned x-ray machine. Oh, and he insults said doctor repeatedly but while she knows she should be upset all she can think about is just how hot he is, especially since he took his shirt off right before he fell out of the water tower so all his hotness is on display.